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Solid vs Engineered Hardwood

What is the Best Type of Hardwood for You?


Are you longing for lush, new hardwood flooring? Hardwood is undoubtedly popular and for excellent reasons. It’s considered the ultimate value-enhancer and, if cared for properly, can last for generations. The decision to install hardwood flooring should always be a careful one.


With New York’s freezing winters and muggy summers, it’s critical to remember that not all hardwood performs equally.


Your local hardwood flooring experts at Harry Katz Carpet One Floor & Home of Mineola, NY, can help ensure every flooring decision is an educated one. Here are a few facts to get you started on your way to the perfect floor.


Benefits of Engineered Hardwood


Engineered hardwood flooring is manufactured flooring that’s made using multiple layers of natural woods and resins. Although it looks exactly like solid hardwood, engineered planks are considerably denser. Most have a scratch-resistant surface for added endurance. If the climate inside your home tends to fluctuate with the seasons, consider an engineered hardwood product that’s less likely to expand or shrink. Engineered hardwood can even be installed below grade.


Benefits of Solid Hardwood


Solid hardwood planks are hardwood flooring as tradition intended. Made from solid chunks of wood, solid hardwood floors are a favorite of history buffs and traditionalists. Many prefer a solid hardwood floor because it can be refinished repeatedly, leaving endless style potential.


Solid hardwood has its limits, however. It can be pricey compared to engineered options, requires careful maintenance, and is best reserved for quiet, dry spaces. It cannot be installed below grade.


Want to learn more about our various solid and engineered hardwood flooring options? Please visit us soon at 450 Jericho Turnpike to chat with a hardwood expert.



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