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Kitchen & Bathroom Designs

Kitchen and Bathroom Designs


Kitchens are often known to be the heart of the home. If your kitchen just doesn’t feel that way, or it isn’t what you have always dreamt of, consider upgrading and enhancing the space to make it what you want. Whether you want your kitchen to be the source of many family dinners, an entertainment space for guests, or a little bit of both, at Harry Katz Carpet One Floor & Home in Mineola, NY, we can help you. Our professional staff knows their way around kitchen design and can guide you through the process of remodeling your home. In fact, we can also assist with upgrading your bathroom. From cabinets to vanities, countertops, and more, our experts will change your spaces from dull and impractical to breathtaking and functional.


At Harry Katz Carpet One Floor & Home in Mineola, we are proud to offer kitchen abd bathroom designs to the areas of Long Island, NY, Nassau County and Suffolk County, NY



Kitchen & Bath Flooring Options



With so much traffic in and out of your kitchen and bathroom, it’s crucial that whatever flooring you choose is not only attractive but functional. In today’s world, we have waterproof flooring options in both luxury vinyl and tile. These flooring types have proven to be practical over time, making kitchen and bathroom worries a thing of the past.


tile shower

Custom Tile Showers

Our tile collection is perfect for creating your dream

bathroom. Custom tile showers are a beautiful place

to begin. We can help you decide if a custom shower

would benefit your home, and we can also

collaborate with you to choose tiles that fit your specific style.




Custom Tile Work


Tile is a versatile material that is used in both kitchens and bathrooms. Not only is it durable, but it is also an attractive option because of the many styles in which it is available. We have a wide selection of tile for your kitchen or bathroom backsplash and custom shower.


Our custom tile work ranges in size and style. Whether you want a unique design in your home based on a picture, or you have dreamt up a design, we can help you make your vision come to life. We can add borders with basic tile, or combine mosaics to personalize your project.


Custom showers are an excellent way to impress guests and add luxury to your home. You can upgrade your bathroom with a custom tiled shower to make it a place you’ll love to experience every day. We can help you design it from top to bottom, considering your timeframe, budget, and style.



tile shower

Bathroom Tile


If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our

bathroom tile ideas. We can help give you ideas for your custom bathroom.







Cabinets are not only a storage piece in your home; they are a large piece of style. The cabinets you choose for your home should be both functional enough to work with your lifestyle, as well as add flair to your overall space. We carry a wide selection of kitchen and bathroom cabinets to do just that. From both stock and custom, our collection of cabinets is sure to please you and your home.


Base cabinets are the cabinets that are usually on the floor. They hold up your countertop and serve as a central point of storage.


Wall cabinets are mounted to the wall and can have wood or glass doors. Wall cabinets are usually used for storing glassware and dishes.


Tall cabinets are large cabinets that are used for hiding large appliances like refrigerators but can also be a great source of storage for pantries.

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Your kitchen and bathroom countertops are the first spot you use to set things down and provide a surface for accomplishing tasks. Countertops aren’t just essential because you need them, but also because they come in a wide range of designs to upgrade your overall home design. From granite to quartz and cambria, we have a variety of countertop options to help you get precisely what you’re looking for.



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