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Top Rated Carpet Brand 

A traditional carpet doesn’t have enough options to reflect the personality of your home, nor will it sustain its look years down the road. When you make a flooring investment, you should be getting the best of the best, which is why we offer the top carpet brands at Harry Katz Carpet One Floor & Home. Karastan Carpet and Rugs is the premiere brand for soft surface floors.



Best Wool Carpet Brand

With Karastan, you are getting reliable, sustainable, and stylish carpet and rugs. Karastan flooring is known for its quality backing, finishes, craftsmanship, strong fibers, and density. Yes, that is a lot to be known for, but when you are a premiere carpet and rug brand you need to provide the best features. Karastan carpet and rug are constructed with a high pile yarn and closeness of weaves. Additionally, the carpet fibers are twisted tightly together for a defined look and stronger performance.



Carpets for Living Rooms

Having a carpet and rug in your home shouldn’t be a hassle. Keeping up with kid’s spills and messes is enough, and you shouldn’t have to worry about your carpet or rug getting the worst of it. Karastan carpets and rugs provide durability, sustainability, and unmistakable styles. If you desire to have a rich carpet in your home but worry about your kids and pets ruining it, then Karastan is the perfect option for you. Karastan’s high density and tightly woven fibers keep stains and water from seeping deep into the carpet, so you can enjoy your carpet and not worry about ruining it.



What is the Best Type of Carpet?

With Karastan, you are able to pick between a woven or tufted finish. Along with its many colors and patterns, Karastan Carpet and Rugs offer a variety of options to fit your home décor or transform a space.



At Harry Katz Carpet One Floor & Home in Mineola, we are proud to offer Karastan to the areas of Long Island, NY, Nassau County and Suffolk County, NY


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