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Hardwood and Humidity

What is the Best Humidity Level for Hardwood Floors?

The hardwood floors in your home absorb and retain the moisture that is in the air. When the humidity levels are high in your home, the wood will expand while when the moisture levels drop, the wood will contract. While small amounts of expansion and contraction are normal in any home, major fluctuations in the humidity levels in your home can cause problems with your wood flooring.



When is the Humidity too High for Your Hardwood Floors?

When subjected to high levels of humidity, the wood flooring in your home is going to swell. If the floor was not installed properly, or the space between your floor boards isn't sufficient, your hardwood floor can become warped from too much humidity. The ends of the boards will raise up, and your floor may even begin to rot if the humidity is bad enough.



Hardwood Floor Temperature Change

It can be just as harmful to your wood floors if you don't have enough moisture in the air for extended periods of time. A little moisture in your hardwood floors is a good thing, as this keeps the wood from becoming. Your floors can begin squeaking and possibly crack, just because the humidity levels are too low in your home.



When You Love Your Hardwood Flooring

To ensure that the hardwood flooring you have chosen for your home is installed properly, the wood should sit in your home for a few days before it is installed. this way, the wood flooring will be acclimated to the environment in your home. While there will still be some expansion and contraction during humidity changes, this step helps prevent extremes. 



Best Flooring for High Humidity

If you are experiencing drastic changes in your humidity levels, you can help balance the humidity in your home by using humidifiers during dry periods and dehumidifiers when it is excessively wet. This is great for your hardwood flooring, and as an added benefit, it is also healthier for those living in your home to have adequate humidity levels.


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