Stainmaster Carpets

Top Carpet Brand in the Industry that is Stain Resistant

Top Carpet Brand

Trust isn’t given- it is earned, and Stainmaster Carpets have earned the reputation as being one of the top flooring brands in the industry. Stainmaster is known and trusted by more customers than any other carpet brand in North America. How did Stainmaster build its reputable reputation? Through the carpets stain resistance, durability, and nylon fibers. 

Stainmaster Carpet Pet Protect

Stainmaster has made a name for itself as being easy to clean. Kids and pets don’t think about stains when throwing juice boxes on the ground or when tracking in mud. Having to constantly clean up these messes is a pain, and if you spend more time scrubbing out stains than enjoying the comfort of your carpet, then you need a Stainmaster upgrade. The LotusFX Fiber Shield from Stainmaster gives the carpet its ability to block stains and soiling. Stainmaster is also pet safe and a kid safe choice. 

Stainmaster Active Family 

Along with Stainmaster’s stain resistance, the carpet brand ensures long-lasting looks. Stainmaster holds itself to a high standard, and each carpet is certified to meet strict requirements for durability, stain, soil resistance, and anti-static. In addition, Stainmaster also uses the Vettermann Drum Test that weighs more than five times as much as the industry standard to test the carpets strength. Stainmaster gives you the peace of mind that you are getting the top carpet in the industry. 

What is Stainmaster Carpets Made of?

Where does Stainmaster’s strength come from? The Nylon 6.6 fibers. These nylon fibers are high-performance polymers that are also used in airbags, seat belts, parachute cords, and engine components, so you know you are getting the strongest carpet fibers. Also, having these strong carpet fibers doesn’t mean your carpet will be rough around the edges. In fact, Stainmaster carpets are incredibly soft and luxurious. 

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