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A soft surface floor at our Harry Katz Carpet One showroom is anything but old fashioned. We have the latest technologies, yes technology, in stain resistant flooring and products. If you have kids, pets, or just a rambunctious family, your floor can take a beating. You may seem to think that your favorite rug or carpet is ready to be replaced with something more durable. Fortunately, you don’t have to give up soft surface flooring for hard surface. All of our Harry Katz Carpet One soft surface products come with the highest warranty, and have been made with stronger fibers to stand up to the daily wear & tear. 

To learn more about our entire soft surface flooring collections read below. 

Top Carpet Brands

  • Stainmaster: Stain resistant carpets.

  • Karastan: Karastan carpets and rugs are considered to be the best of the best. Learn why.

  • Lees: Get the most out of your carpet with Lees at Harry Katz Carpet One

  • Masland Carpets and Rugs: One of the top of the line brands for carpets and rugs in the flooring industry is Masland Carpets and Rugs.

  • Lees Carpet: So you’ve narrowed down all the flooring options to carpet, a fuzzy, soft and worm product perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, and playrooms.

  • Tigressá®: Carpets to fit your personal style and needs. 

Area Rugs Backing & Binding

  • Custom Team Logos: Enter to win a Yankees or Mets Area Rug.

  • Area Rugs: At Harry Katz Carpet One, we custom back and bind area rugs in virtually any style, size or color you desire, from large area rugs to small ones. 

  • Custom College Rugs: Bring school spirit to your dorm room or home with these NCAA rugs.

Carpet Tips & Tricks

  • Carpet Fading: As soon as natural sunlight hits your carpet, the color will begin to fade. 

  • Carpet Trends: Stay on trend with these carpets.

  • Allergy Friendly Flooring: Carpet is widely known for its comfort and warmth, whereas hardwood is known for its sophistication and versatility.