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Take Carpet One with you for all things flooring related! We have two great and informative apps to help you deal with flooring in a savvy way. (Although when it comes to your questions or you’re in need of advice, we’re still here to help.

harry-katz-carpet-one-floor-home-mineola-ny-mobile-apps-stain-first-aidStain First Aid App

The first app is a great tool to have in your pocket when you’re in a bind caused by a spill. It’s our Stain First Aid app, and it’s all about how to get stains out of carpet. We’ve gathered a list of the major stain causers and paired them with the best home remedies and cleaning solutions to give you great tips on the best carpet stain removal. Stain First Aid is here help you avoid permanent damage, and includes step-by-step instructions on how to do it!

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Beautiful Design Made Simple Digital Magazine App

harry-katz-carpet-one-floor-home-mineola-ny-mobile-apps-beautiful-design-made-simple-magazine This next app is always great to have when you run out of things to read. Perfect for the beginning stages of shopping for flooring or for keeping up on home trends, our Beautiful Design Made Simple magazine is a free resource that provides home décor ideas and tips for maintaining your home. Check Beautiful Design made Simple every quarter for a fresh set of new ideas. Even once you’ve finished a flooring project, Beautiful Design Made Simple can help you keep your home stylish and put together.

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