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Solid vs. Engineered hardwood

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What is Better Engineered Hardwood or Solid?

Hardwood. It’s warm, rich, timeless, a true classic. Hardwood can enhance any living room, study, bedroom or dining room. Did you know there are actually two different categories or hardwood? We’re not talking color or species, we’re talking about solid vs. engineered. Hardwood is considered to be a natural flooring, meaning it is not made of synthetic substances. In its purest form (including a stain or seal) hardwood flooring is called solid hardwood. It is long lasting and durable. But there is also another type of hardwood: engineered hardwood, which still looks like solid hardwood but includes some different features.

Solid Wood Flooring

Solid hardwood flooring is a floor made of wood planks. The planks are solid, polished pieces of wood that can come from a number of different species. The planks can come in various widths, and wider widths are actually gaining in popularity. Solid hardwood planks are usually ¾’ thick. The planks are grooved along the edges to ensure a tight fit when the planks are installed. While hardwood is a great investment and can increase the value of a home, be wary of placing hardwood in any rooms that are especially prone to moisture. Hardwood can contract and expand as a result of changing moisture levels and enough of this will cause permanent damage.

Is Engineered Wood more Durable?

Engineered hardwood is still made up of wood, although each plank will not be one solid piece. Engineered hardwood planks are made of layers of wood that are laminated and fused together. The thin pieces of wood are fused together in a cross-ply manner, which achieves maximum strength and durability. The interesting part is that not all of the layers of wood will come from the same species. What we mean is that because only the top layer of the wood is shown, lower layers can often be made from more common species that will be less expensive. This means that you will save money on buying less premium wood than you would with solid hardwood, and you can get the look you love at a better price!

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