How to Prevent Fading

Avoid carpet fading with these important tips

As soon as natural sunlight hits your carpet, the color will begin to fade. Of course, the process of carpet fading does not occur overnight. In fact, the effects of carpet fading may only become noticeable after a few years. After having new carpet installed, the last thing you want is to have to replace it because of issues with carpet fading. Unfortunately, many homeowners are simply not aware of the ability of sunlight exposure to fade the color of carpeting.

Whether you want to protect your brand new carpet from fading or you want to slow down the fading process of your old carpet, here are a few tips that will help you prevent and even reverse fading.

How to Prevent Carpet Fading

Of course, if you want to prevent carpet fading, you need to work on reducing the amount of sunlight exposure that your carpet receives. The simplest way to reduce sunlight exposure is to keep the curtains or shades of your windows closed during the day. Of course, this option isn't feasible for many homeowners, because many homeowners want to enjoy natural lighting during the day rather than artificial lighting.

If you don't want to give up natural lighting entirely, you should have window treatments for ultraviolet light installed on your windows. The window treatments will only block ultraviolet light, so you will still be able to enjoy natural lighting. Ultraviolet violet is what actually causes carpet fading.

Carpet Cleaning Tips

After a spill or a mess, it is vital that you act fast to prevent stains. One way you can clean a soiled carpet is by using a saltwater solution. You can use hot water and salt mixed in a large bowl to clean your carpet. After you make the saltwater solution, you should apply a coat of the solution to your carpet using a cloth. Before you apply the saltwater solution, it is ideal that you vacuum your carpeting to remove any loose debris. Once you've applied the saltwater solution, you want to wait for your carpeting to dry before vacuuming up the salt. Not only will this method clean your carpet; it will help reverse fading.

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